The Foundation accepts Sports Gear Training, Capacity Building, and Grants & Scholastic Materials. Each way of giving makes a significant impact on disadvantaged children and their communities by providing essential equipment, improving program effectiveness, and supporting access to quality education.


Donations of sports training gear are a crucial way to support Cleats Youth Soccer Foundation in their mission to empower children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The gear donated by supporters of the foundation includes items such as soccer balls, uniforms, cleats, and other equipment. This gear is used to provide the children with the necessary resources to train and develop their soccer skills, promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. By doing so, the foundation is helping to build self-esteem, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and instill important life lessons such as discipline and perseverance.

In addition to the benefits to the children, the donations also help to build community spirit and promote a culture of giving back. The foundation relies on the generosity of its supporters to provide the gear needed to make its programs possible. By donating sports training gear, supporters can take pride in knowing that they are helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, while also building stronger, more resilient communities.


By continually developing the skills and abilities of its staff, coaches, and volunteers, the foundation can provide high-quality programs that meet the unique needs of each child. Funding for training programs, workshops, and seminars focused on topics such as leadership, teamwork, and communication are examples of capacity building initiatives.

These efforts help improve program effectiveness and sustainability, ensuring a positive impact on the children served. Additionally, the capacity building initiatives empower local leaders and promote a culture of learning and development, leading to stronger and more sustainable communities. By investing in capacity building, supporters of Cleats Youth Soccer Foundation can make a long-lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities.


These donations may include funding for tuition fees, books, school supplies, and other educational resources. The foundation recognizes that education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty, and providing access to quality education is essential to ensuring a brighter future for the children they serve.

By supporting grants and scholastic materials, supporters of the foundation can help provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond. These donations help to level the playing field, providing children with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. In addition, these initiatives help to foster a love of learning and promote a culture of education within the communities served by the foundation.